Set in Antalya city, Turkey, the Lara district is home to many five to seven star hotels, many of which are set in the Kundu area. Replicas of well-known places worldwide most of the hotels here bring Lara its name and fame as the "Turkish Vegas". Its famous Lara Beach is one of the longest brownish beaches in Turkey.

Just east of Antalya's rocky face, almost touching the Lower Duden Waterfall, there is Lara Beach, a stripe of land which pulls out to the Gulf of Antalya. All through the past years, tourists have learned that vacationing in Lara Beach always means keeping promises of trendy beaches, natural splendors and classy accommodation, and so, it wouldn't be wrong of you to expect the superlative of Turkey's Riviera.

An all inclusive holiday to Lara Beach enables tourists to experience the thrill and adventure of night life: if you're busy sunbathing or chasing shops during the day, than, at night time you should make certain to explore the neighbouring centres or the so popular local bars and restaurants, away from the roasting heat of the scorching sun. The Lara Halk Beach would be a good place to start with since it provides tourists with all sorts of beach facilities, and so, they can either rent one of the many beach chairs and bright umbrellas, or lie down on their towel to sunbathe.

How to get to Lara Beach

If you travel from the city centre to Lara Beach, take the dolmus minibus which runs alongside the beach until where the public access area ends. It usually takes almost three quarters of an hour to get to the beach, provided that you drive east from the city centre, the Kalekapisi station.

Hotels in Lara Beach

When it comes to choosing what hotel to stay in when in Antalya, the best suggestion would be that you choose a five star hotel. The Turkish people are said to have come up with the all-inclusive system and, without a doubt, it is them who best put it into effect. Thus, a variety of dishes selected from the Turkish and the international cuisine, fresh drinks or intoxicating beverages are to be found on the all-inclusive services list.

Lara Beach Hotel

Is an exclusive up-to-the-minute Turkish Riviera resort lying 17 km away from the Old City of Antalya. Although it's less than four years since it's been on the International Tourism Market, The Lara Beach Hotel has rightfully earned its popularity due to the high-quality of the services.

More than three hundred air-conditioned guest rooms are always ready to spoil holiday-makers with modern decors and furnishings where the smell of the immaculate and freshly ironed linens is almost as invigorating as a fuzzy cocktail. Amateurs and professionals alike are sure to keep up with their physical condition or improve their stamina in one of the several sports clubs or in the fitness center featured by the resort. Outdoor and indoor pools, spiralling water slides, a sauna and a Jacuzzi, kids clubs and entertainment centers (painting and water sports, computer games and cinema,) all are for the tourist coming here to benefit from and forget about daily worries, be them single or with the family.

Concorde Resort & Spa Hotel

16 km away from Antalya city and similar to most of the hotels on Lara Beach, this too is an all-inclusive hotel the modern architectural design of which reminds one of the well-known Concorde airplane.

Barut Lara Resort & Spa Hotel

a top class all-inclusive hotel on the Mediterranean Turkish Riviera wherefrom vacationers are certain to leave with a happy smile on their faces, not to mention the genuine and so envied brownish suntan.

Hotel Delphin Palace

10 km away from Antalya and 15 km from the city center, the hotel is set in the Lara district right on the beach. If you're one of the holiday-makers who wake up at the crack of dawn only to catch the red sun rising up, make sure to get on the hotel roof and watch the sunrise from there. Undoubtedly, this is how gods must have felt like right on top of the world.

Grand Moonight Hotel

8 km away from the Antalya Airport, and 3 km away from Lara Beach, Grand Moonlight Hotel treats its clients in a genuine grand style. Once stepped on the moonlight stage of the hotel you will surely feel like a diva.

Sherwood Resort Hotel

Should you be one of the tourists who have difficulties in choosing the mountain or the sea as their vacation destination, Sherwood Resort Hotel is the answer to your dilemma. You don't need to choose either of them because Sherwood Resort Hotel brings the sea and the mountains together. Down here you can sunbathe in the blazing sun while still taking advantage of the cold fresh air coming from the mountains.

Titanic Beach Resort Hotel

A real home for the titans, the 8-storey-hotel features more than 500 standard rooms, most of which give out to the sea. Grandeur and opulence are best put to work in the Colonel suites, the Admiral apartments or the rest of the all-inclusive hotel apartments and rooms; comfort and brilliance are brought under the same roof, giving one the feeling that there has never been and there will never be more than one Titanic and, surely this is Titanic Beach Resort Hotel.

Restaurants and Bars in Lara Beach

There is something about Lara Beach that you can be certain of: there is at least one thing for everyone here, from the welcoming personnel who greet their guests with flowers, to the sparkling pools mushrooming with the hundreds of tourists dancing on dynamic music rhythms, or to the amazing silence pools, or, to the beach itself with its own private quayside where the two outdoor bars are to be found. It goes without saying that the beach restaurants are great, and once you have tasted the exquisite food prepared by the Italian or the Turkish chefs, the coloured fresh drinks and the healthy herbal teas, you will be taken a step closer to heaven.

Here are some suggestions you could pick when eating out. All set to feed the hungry tourist, the kitchens of the Jasmine Main Restaurant are open throughout day and night.

If you have a hard time leaving the beach to grab something to eat, Sunset Snack is the perfect alternative.

Large, green and extremely original, Yoruk Tent is an outdoor restaurant where pizza is held high and the gozleme is celebrated with the ingredients that you desire.

Lobby Elite Bar, Silence Pool Bar, Sunset Bar or Select Bar are just few of the places where you can either enjoy the tranquillity of happy talks with new friends or watch TV and play games over a long and exotic icy drink.

Shopping and Entertainment at Lara beach

You cannot go back home without having enjoyed one of the many skilled performances given by our show girls and show boys. Quality entertainment is what you'll get regardless of your age, sex and location.

The spinning water slides are very amusing and entertaining, dangerous yet safe... go on a boat trip, enjoy the amazing mountainous scenery, swim and dive in the deep sapphire waters of the bay, and remember to take pictures that will come in handy when telling the people back home about your amazing Antalya vacation.

Antalya Lara Beach is a place that adjusts itself to people and seasons altogether, so that, should you want to come back here in wintertime, the indoor swimming pool is heated so that you can always enjoy a good swim in winter days and summer days alike.

If you consider shopping as entertainment, than you must check the Lara Beach Shopping Centre where you can make yourself an expensive gift from the Jeweller, or choose a fancy party dress from the boutique, for the one of the many crazy disco nights on the beach. Do not forget to pay the Hair Dresser a visit and do a makeover session to your hair. The local Market, the Leather shop and the Souvenir shop are perfect for you to buy a little something that will always take you back here.

Kids' Entertainment in Antalya

There is a Kids Club featuring a range of entertaining and sports activities and different shows for children. If you are an overprotective parent and worry about your child's safety while playing in the water and gliding down the waterslides, the Children Pool is the best place for them to be in: it's about time you let your fears go and enjoy your vacation to the full!

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