Beldibi Cave Antalya

Lying on the southern coast of Turkey, reaching deep into the Gulf of Antalya (Antalya Körfezi), the city of Antalya is enclosed by a mountainous belt, made up of the... Beldibi Cave Antalya

Damlatas Cave Alanya

Situated within the borders of Alanya, 3km away from the city centre and 15 m high above the coast, DAMLATAS CAVE measures 30 m in length, covering as many as... Damlatas Cave Alanya

Karain Cave Antalya

30km northwest of Antalya, no more than 6km away from the old Antalya-Burdur highway, set within the margins of Yagca Village, there is KARAIN CAVE (translated The Black Cave), one... Karain Cave Antalya

Kocain Cave Antalya

If you drive north on the Karatas - Camilikoy - Ahirtas Village road, no more than 45 km of Antalya, you are sure to reach KOCAIN CAVE (translated The Big... Kocain Cave Antalya

Karatas Semahoyuk Cave Antalya

Similar to Damlatas Cave, Karatas - Semahöyük Cave is also sought for its therapeutical qualities very beneficial in the treatment and cure of the respiratory system disease. Karatas Semahoyuk Cave Antalya

Zeytintasi Cave Antalya

54km from Antalya, 16km from Serik and 10km away from Aspendos, there is ZEYTINTASI CAVE, confined by the borders of Akbas Village and named by the hill it stretches on,... Zeytintasi Cave Antalya