54km from Antalya, 16km from Serik and 10km away from Aspendos, there is ZEYTINTASI CAVE, confined by the borders of Akbas Village and named by the hill it stretches on, Zeytintasi Hill.

Due to its location in a typical Mediterranean environment, the cave is surrounded by a variety of Mediterranean plants, the abundance of which gives one a unique feeling of heavenly harmony and tranquility. Ever since 1997 when it was discovered by chance, the cave which goes 14m beneath the ground has been drawing thousands of tourists come here to enjoy the unique shape and splendor of the stalactites - resembling some huge macaroni, or the 0, 70 m long stalagmites, columns or dripstones, at an altitude of 220 m. By the same token, there are equally as many daredevil tourists come here to enjoy the virgin environment perfect for tracking, climbing and safari tours.