30km northwest of Antalya, no more than 6km away from the old Antalya-Burdur highway, set within the margins of Yagca Village, there is KARAIN CAVE (translated The Black Cave), one of Turkey's greatest natural treasures. The cave goes back a long way in history, as early as the beginnings of humankind, from lower to high Paleolithic, up to Neolithic, and finally to the Ancient Bronze stages. The archaeological vestiges found in the cave belong to different evolutionary and cultural stages which show that, throughout the ages, the cavern was inhabited by many tribes for the most various purposes. One such purpose is that the cave was most likely used as an Offering Temple, and the Greek inscriptions or drawings on the ceiling or on the exterior cave walls are evidence of that. All the archaeological findings undergone inside of Karain Cave are exhibited in one of the Antalya Museum sections and in the Karain Museum alike, which is just a stone throw away.