Rent a car

When it comes to urban transportation, it can be said that the tourists come here have no difficulty whatsoever in moving from one place to another, in and out of Antalya city.

Get around Antalya by bus

Low priced, practical and comfortable, the bus will take you anywhere around the city. You can either choose to relax, cool off and watch a film during the bus trip, regardless of your destination or just watch the buildings that run alongside the city streets. However, should you decide to take a longer trip around the city then, you need to travel to the bus terminal first. Once here, you'll be taken to anywhere your heart desires.

Getting around Antalya by dolmus

Dolmus is a minibus that follows a certain predetermined route and schedule. Its chief practical advantage is that once you have set off seeing the highlights around the city, you can get on and get off almost everywhere you want, due to the fact that, as a rule, major public transportation stations have a dolmus station as well.

Get around in Antalya by taxi

A practical, convenient and yet a little bit pricey way of moving around. If you do finally decide to take a taxi, there are a few things that you should know! The taxi rate is charged in keeping with the moment of the day, so that a taxi fare after midnight can get twice as much a taxi fare during the day. Also, make sure to check if your destination is on the price list of popular destinations which have to be paid in Euro.

Getting around Antalya by tram

Every sixty or thirty minutes there is a tram to start off from the Western Konyaalti Beach and Antalya Museum. The trip continues alongside the Sheraton Voyager or the Falez hotels getting yet closer to the eastern main boulevard … at the end of which the tram engages in a trip to the historic city centre – an open space where history flanks with Kalekapisi, Hadrian's Gate, Karaalioglu Park, or Talya Oteli.

Discovering Antalya by bicycle

Antalya is not the ideal bike friendly city you'd expect it to be! Cycling up and down the crowded streets can turn into a real adventure, so, unless you master the bicycle and are a true dare-devil don't take any unnecessary risks that will only prove to be extremely tiresome. Still, if you are hooked on cycling there are some cycle lanes that run by the seashore and that you might want to consider.

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