Among the many reasons one can think of for visiting Antalya – and regular visitors know them thoroughly – the overwhelmingly sparkling nightlife of this resort is one of the basic incentives for planning a trip to Antalya. The numerous activities one can indulge in at night are enabled by the plethora of bars, discos, clubs and pubs scattered throughout the resort, including on the beaches.

Thus, if dancing is the best thing one can take into consideration in view of spending the night, they should, as it were, go with the flow. Almost literally, since the flow of people – both locals and tourists – seems to increasingly prefer to go and party at Ally’s. Ally’s is said to be the best dancing venue in Antalya, but, of course, tastes are subject to debate. However, if the tremendous number of people standing in line to get in works, eventually, as an argument, than Ally’s it what one might be looking for. The club is located in the historical center Antalya, namely, Kaleici. But a place like Club 29 (also referred to as Club Arma) should not be overlooked, since it offers great dancing conditions and, as compared to Ally’s, at daytime it is also an eating venue, not to mention that the view it offers (for those who care to pay attention to this feature) is noteworthy, since the club overlooks the Antalya Marina. As a plus, it is the biggest club in Antalya.

However, if in the mood for a rather cannier night activity, places like O’Neil’s Irish Pub and the North Shield Pub enable good drinking and conversation moments. All in all, what is characteristic of all these venues is that they do not enforce a certain dressing code. The only rule that applies is doing whatever is takes to feel good. And if casual dressing is what it takes, than it is unlikely to become a problem. A complementary mainstream tendency is for fancy clothing: even if casual, one has to show off, even if discretely. Inferno is the kind of club which promotes this kind of trendier wearing.

Eventually, the overall picture of nightlife in Antalya exceeds all differences between the numerous dancing and drinking venues, and comes down to an extremely dynamic environment which is at least worth getting acquainted with. The flourishing belly dancing in Antalya is, on top of all, what decisively rounds up the nightlife picture of the resort.

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