Taking into consideration its geographical location, Antalya benefits from a mild Mediterranean climate. This kind of climate makes it possible for the resort to be frequented by tourists all the year round. Indeed, Antalya is an all-season tourist destination. However, the differences between the peak summer months and the winter season are considerable. If conceiving a stay in Antalya in summer definitely involves a bathing suit, planning a trip to this Turkish resort in winter should focus on other objectives, since rain falls are more likely to occur, along with lower air and sea temperatures.

Antalya Weather Forecast from BBC

Facts show that summer temperatures can rise up to at least 30°C – 40°C is not a value unheard of – whereas sea temperatures tend to go up to and to stabilize around 28°C. These are perfect conditions for sunbathing, and they last from June to September. On the other hand, average temperatures in winter (from December to February), mainly described as a rain season, maintain around 15 or 16°C, which rules out the chance of spending time at the beach, but offers a good reason for developing other activities in Antalya, such as clubbing, partying and enjoying the sparkling nightlife of Antalya. Snow is highly unlikely to occur during this time of year, given that air temperatures maintain much above 0°C even at night. Transitional months (October to December and March to June) feature a slow passage from higher to lower temperature, or the other way around, combining occasionally warm days with the likelihood of rain falls.

One aspect tourists should always bear in mind is the relatively high humidity which emphasizes the already high air temperatures. In addition, taking into account the constant absence of northern winds – which, on the other hand, are expected to blow from the Taurus Mountain range, but fall short of this expectation – tourists are advised that a stay in Antalya in summer is nothing but hot.

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