All the former plans of the ancient city of Antalya give one an idea about how the fortress of Antalya used to look like: two wide-ranging ramparts would encircle the settlement, parting it from the shore on one side, and from the inland on the other. Today, solely the towers of the Kaleici historic centre stand out among the ruins of the past: right in Kalekapisi Square, there is the Clock Tower, a true sentinel of the past epoch, guarding the entrance to Kaleici. Once you've stepped into this arena of times past, stroll north of Ataturk Caddesi until you arrive at Kale Kapisi. Walk down the passageway flanked by Saat Kulesi on the left and a fragment of a former defense wall on your right. A few steps further, mounting to the blue skies there is the Clock Tower paired off by the minaret tower of one of the most beautiful mosques you'll ever see.